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21 February is also known in Bengali as Shahid Day, “Ekushe” (21), Language Movement Day, Martyrs’ Day – “Shahid Dibos”.The day is celebrated on 21 February 1952 in memory of those killed in the struggle for the Bengali language.International Mother Language Day is an annual global event held on 21 February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as multilingualism.

International Mother Language Day 2024 Images, SMS, Quotes, Pictures poster and Banner are available here for free download. February 21 is celebrated all over the world as the International Mother Language Day.The day is celebrated in almost all countries, as it is not limited to Bangladesh. The day originated against the background of the language movement of 1952. It is a national holiday in Bangladesh, as all educational institutions and offices celebrate the day with wreaths.

We have already published some content about February 21, where we have mentioned the history of the day and the principles of the celebration. If you have not read our previous post, you can read it by following the link. This time we will provide you with some important information about February 21 as well as February 21 banners, pictures, posters, wallpapers and poems for you.

21 February 2024 Images, SMS, Quotes, Pictures, Banner, Poster Download

It was first declared by UNESCO in 1999. on November 17. Mother Tongue Day is essential for the wider mission of protecting and preserving all the languages of the world.

21 February

The idea of celebrating the International Mother Language Day starts in Bangladesh. On February 21, the people of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) celebrate the day when they fought for the recognition of the Bangla language. It is an additional species in West Bengal, India.

History of February 21 in Bangladesh

The British divided India and Pakistan in 1947. They made up two parts of Pakistan: West Pakistan (now Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Most individuals lived in the eastern part, but the western region had the main power.

As dissent gradually escalated in mid-1952, the state government enacted a provision (Article 144) which stated that there should not be a gathering of several people at the same time. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on February 21, 1952, at Dhaka University, removing hundreds of protesters from a truck. This pushed Jordan even further as students put more effort into building the Legislative Assembly in East Bengal. The police started firing on the dissidents, four of whom were killed.

On February 29, 1956, the Western administration of Pakistan declared Bengali the second official language of Pakistan, and the country’s constitution was revised.

Symbol of 21 February All Update

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shahid Minar (the saint’s coat of arms) commemorates four demonstrators killed in 1952. The logo has been reproduced many times.The main horse was formed on February 23-24, 1952; In any case, it was erased by the police within a few days.Further adaptation began in November 1957, but the structure was discontinued when military regulations were enacted, and it was destroyed during the 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence.

The third horse of Shahid Minar followed the same outline as the second. The edges are marble and are about four meters (14 feet) above ground level. The double edge speaks of their mothers, their country, while the four edges reflect the four men who died on February 2

1, 1952. Where the Bangladeshis settled, for example in London and Oldham in the United Kingdom, the reproduction of Shahid Minar took place. gathered.

Celebration on February 21 in Bangladesh

Shaheed Minar (Martyrs’ Monument) is a symbolic icon that was created in the atrocity’s location to commemorate the language movement and the massacre.The rostrum of Shaheed Minar is covered in flowers on February 21st, as a tribute to our national heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our mother language and culture.


21 February

“Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February, Ami Ki Bhulite Pari” (How could I forget February 21, which was full of my brother’s worship?) Is a well-known phrase on this day.

All administrative, semi-governmental, independent and private associations will fly the half-loaded public flag on this day. Each of the newspapers broadcasts exclusive extensions, and the television and radio stations broadcast unique programs.

21 February 2024 International Mother Language Day

On Monday, February 21, 2024, the United Nations will celebrate International Mother Language Day.

21 February HD Images and Pictures

Celebrated on February 21 to honor our current saints. With International M

other Language Day HD images, you can show your support to our heroes. We’ve put together a selection of photos to help you out. Share high-quality photo images without fear of copyright infringement.


21 February

February 21 Photos and Wallpapers

On the eve of International Mother Language Day, share photos and backgrounds of our mourning saints. To help you, we have put together an exhibition of photos and decorations about our saints. It is not difficult to share Photos and Wallpapers download.


21 February

21 February Quotes and Status Caption

Poets and writers create quotes and status inscriptions that are both sad and moving. Offer such messages and announcements just before International Mother Language Day. Please don’t waste a moment to suit them. There are no copyright issues.

Valobashar maje kosto ache, valo thakar maje santi ache, dure thakar maje tan ache. mone rakhar maje santona ache, tai mone rekho…..21…..February.

21 February


Mukto bangla jukto koro, sonar bangla dhonno koro, mukto bangla sobar ache, jukto kora moder asha, bangla vasa praner vasa.


21 February

Mone pore 1952 er kotha, mone pore ekushe february er kotha, jokhon hariyechi amr vaider, diyechi rokto bhasar jonno.


21 February


Bangladesher sonar chele, vasa shohider dol,jibon diye ene debo bangla vasar fol,tader dane ajke amra sadhin vabe bangla boli,shei sonader teyager kotha kemon kore vuli


21 February

Je vashar jonno amora eto honney, Je bhasar jonno eto roktopat… Je vasa amader koreche mohan…. Sei bhasa sohid der keki vulte pari

21 February Wishes & SMS

Happy International Mother Language Day! Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of language as a tool for communication and understanding between cultures. May we continue to appreciate and learn from each other’s languages and traditions.

On this day, we honor the language martyrs who gave their lives for our right to speak in our mother tongue. Let’s remember their sacrifices and work towards a world where linguistic diversity is celebrated and respected. Happy 21 February.

Rafik, Salam, Barkat, aro hajar biir sontan,
korla vashar man rokkha biliye apon pran,
jader rokte rangano ekush ora je omlan,
dhonno amr matribhasa dhonno tader pran.

21 February

21st February Wishes

February, february bangla bhasar mash, bangla amr matribhasa metay moner ash.

21 February

21st  February Bangla SMS

Bayannote vese ota, rokto veja koto kotha, Seto amar bangla vasa, Sokol vasar sera….ai voboner sera vasa, Bissojonin kotha, Taroi maje stan paoa, Bangla amar vasa February amr mayer, Ekushe february, ami ki vulite pariiiiii

21 February

21st February SMS

Akushe February Poster and Banner

On this day, different gatherings around the country have a variety of projects. Here are some ideas for posters and banners to help you organize your workouts. These ideas are free to use without fear of infringement.


21 February

February HD Poster


21 February

21st February Banner

21 February

21st February Poster


Every country on the planet considers the International Mother Language Day as the main language of the country. An amazing achievement for Bengali is the celebration of Mother Tongue Day as World Mother Language Day. International Mother Language Day has become a source of motivation for people around the world who strive for truth and justice.

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