26 March Picture

26 March Picture 2022: Bangladesh Independence Day images

Today Are you searching Looking for a 26 March picture for the upcoming Bangladesh Independence Day national event 2022 ? In that case, you are in the right place to get the March 26 picture in HD quality. 26 March is the Independence Day of the people of Bangladesh.

We celebrate this day as a national memory of our country. Bangladeshi Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared 26 March 1971 as Independence Day. So this day is very important for us. To celebrate Bangladesh’s Independence Day, we need 26 March Pictures/ images for our social media platform.

So let’s Check the 26th March Picture for Independent day 2022.

Bangladesh Independent Day Picture

26 March Bangladesh Independent Day Picture

Bangladesh Independence Day, which is celebrated on March 26, is the national day of Bangladesh. On the night of March 25, the people of East Pakistan officially began their liberation struggle. In a notification issued on January 22, 1972, Bangladesh marked the day as a national day and the holiday was officially declared a day. It is a great feeling that the nation is entering its 50th anniversary of independence today.


Bangladesh Independent Day Picture

But the story of our independence is as glorious as it is painful. Many freedoms have been gained through blood and sacrifice. Today we respectfully remember the famous martyrs who sacrificed their present to make the future of this country beautiful. Our tribute to the architect of independence Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all the organizers and heroic freedom fighters of the liberation war.

Bangladesh Independence Day History

Tonight, March 25, 1971, the barbaric Yahya forces indiscriminately killed unarmed people in Dhaka, Bengal. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh was arrested by the Pakistan Army. Bangabandhu had already been able to fan the flames of the brutal killings of the army.

If he went, he would arrest. So, before taking him, Manik Chowdhury, one of the accused in the Agartala conspiracy case, got a copy of the message he had sent to half a million people of Bengal declaring independence for the people.

Colonel Oli Ahmed Birbikram first informed Ziaur Rahman about Bangabandhu’s declaration of independence. On the night of March 25-26, General Ziaur Rahman announced the news of the declaration of independence

26 March Picture 2022

Below is a picture of the great Independence Day on March 26. 26 March is a bloody day in the history of Bangladesh. March 26 is the day to fly the flag on the red-green chest. The celebration started with flowers at the National Memorial. The day started with 31 artillery shells.

26 March Picture
Bangladesh photo 26 march
26 March 2022 HD Image
26 march independence day wallpaper
shadhinota dibosh picture
independence day picture bd
Bangladesh flag picture free download
Bangladesh independence day banner images

26 March Picture Facebook

26 March Picture Facebook
Bangladesh Independence Day Picture For Facebook
26th March Facebook profile picture

Bangladesh Independence Wish Picture

Bangladesh Independence Wish Picture
26th March Independence Day Wishes Picture
26th March Wish Picture

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