Oskar Sala

Google Doodle creator Oskar Sala died at 92

Congratulations, today I will be share a brand new Oskar Sala post. Who is Oskar Sala? Google recently honored tech mogul and composer Oskar Sala by creating a doodle in honor of his birthday. Doodles show him playing music. Oskar Sala died on February 26, 2002 in Berlin, Germany at the age of 92 of medical complications.

Oskar Sala career highlights

Oskar’s first instrument was publicly presented in 1952, and at that time his circuits were internationally certified. Sala’s thoughts took on a very unique tone, as the subharmonic order of the symmetrical partner became open to suggestion. Sala conserved trutonium by changing it into mix-trutonium.

Oskar became a German scientist who discovered the first digital tone shape. As a young man, he played piano and organ and completed antique piano exhibitions. Through German violinist and conductor Paul Hindemith, Oska moved to Berlin to focus on piano and composition at a German conservatory.

In 1935 he produced “Radio-Trautonium” and a few years later, in 1938, the larger adaptation, “Concerte Trautonium”.

Oskar Sala’s early life and family

Oskar was ethnically white and a German native. His exact birthplace and date are not known.

Oskar studied physics at the University of Berlin from 1932 to 1935. He married a girl named Kathie before returning to the opera scene. A lot of information can be found about his parents or children.

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