Guy Fieri Wife

Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri Biography

Today new post Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri Biography in world. Guy Ramsay Fieri is a 52-year-old restaurant owner, businessman and TV presenter. He is easily recognized as one of the leading figures in the food chain. As such, he has appeared on numerous network shows. These include Guy’s Big Bite, Guy off the Hook and Ace of Cakes.

Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri Biography

Despite all his problems, Guy has won several Emmy Awards. Guy’s Big Bite host is married to a woman named Lori Fieri, who is the subject of our study. Here is some interesting facts about Guy Fieri wife.

Who is Lori Fieri?

Lori Fieri is a famous woman, TV personality, social worker. In 2017, he and his family starred in a special eight-part Guy’s Family Road Trip. Each episode saw the burnt family travel through America, trying to experience different cultures and cuisines.

From colorful outdoor festivals to roadside food trucks, there was nothing they didn’t feel. The show first aired on August 13.

Caption: Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri TV personality

It recorded a trip to Lake Tahoe via his family home lorry in California. What was the purpose of this visit? Of course, to try a few Belgian waffles.

Because of his business acumen, we learned that Lori and Guy owns the Ride vineyard. The actress from The Guy’s Family Road Trip is also very supportive of her husband’s career.

She and her child were both with Guy on a cruise ship, where he opened a kitchen for guests. Within hours, Lori helped more than 700 people to serve.

How old is Lori Fieri? Date of Birth.

Lori Ann Brisson was born in 1971 in North Providence, Rhode Island. She is set to turn 49 years old this year.

She is an LGBTQ advocate.

Guy Fieri wife is also an LGBTQ rights activist. His passion for the cause stemmed from the fact that his late sister was gay. In her honor, Lori went online and arranged a mass wedding for several gay couples.

Story of How Guy and wife Lori Feiri Met.

Lori accidentally met Guy’s Big Bite host. At the time, she was an anxious, adventurous woman traveling from Rhode Island to San Diego with her backpack in her twenties.

There, on the way, he stopped to spend some time with a friend in Long Beach, California. Unfortunately, his visit came with the dismissal of his girlfriend from the restaurant where he worked.

Who owned that place? Her future husband, Guy Fieri, of course. While the two women were trying to defend their case, Guy came out to see what was happening. He tried to get rid of the women, but eventually he met her play in the Fieri.

Instead of taking them out, Guy tells the two women to sit down, and they start talking. Lori’s once snowy face turned into a friendly smile. As the Emmy Award winner joked, his wife never went to San Diego.

He asked Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri for a date. Instead of growing up, Guy does his best job as much as the boys usually do (luxury cars, expensive restaurants). She cooked.

She is married as Guy Fieri Wife since 1995.

The cooking technique took place in 1995 when Laurie Price went down to the isle. Lori and Guy has been together for over 25 years. In an interview, Guy revealed that the guarantee of their successful relationship is mutual support.

Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri also maintains a low mindset for everything that has become crucial over the years. Both are not afraid to shake their heads. After all, in a long-term relationship, arguing, maintaining one’s feelings is healthy.


Their strategy, as Fieri revealed, was a desire to talk about everything. They are more business partners than husband and wife. She actively participated in the pop kitchen she created. The couple has two children, Hunter and Rider Fieri.

Guy and Lori Fieri’s firstborn son, Hunter Fieri.

.Hunter was born on August 7, 1996. As we write, he is 23 years old. It is said that he took her away from his father. Hunter and her father embarked on a culinary journey documented by the Food Network. The show, which they later created, was titled “The European Adventure of the Boy Hunter.”

Lori’s eldest son originally wanted to be a super crossover. As he grew older, he realized that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Although he was the son of a famous chef, he was not allowed to rest. Hunter, like everyone else, had to start from the bottom. Before becoming an intern at the Caesars Group, he used to wash dishes at Johnny Garlics.


Caption: Lori husband Guy with his first son Hunter Fieri

When she was 22, Hunter was a judge on the Food Network-sponsored show Winner Cake All. He also helped judge his father’s show, Guy’s Grocery Games.

Hunter’s educational background includes attending N’Jada’s University of Las Vegas. In particular, it was his father’s mother’s university. Hunter graduated in January 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management.

Looking at his Instagram page, it is clear that he has 43.6 thousand followers. Through his notes we can see that he is close to his father Guy. We also learn that Hunter likes to surf from time to time. We also learned that his family spent Christmas last year in Clarke, California.

Ryder Fieri: (Second-​born son).

Ryder Fieri was born on December 31, 2005. He celebrated his 14th birthday just before the New Year. Since he is still very young, there is not much information about him. We learned that Guy enjoyed watching TV with his family during family trips.


Caption: Guy Fieri with his second son Ryder Fieri

He also studied at Sequoia Elementary. Ryder is on regular vacation with his family. Two years ago, for example, they went skiing in Northstar, Thrace, California.

Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri Wiki-​Biography

Full nameLori Ann Brisson-​Fieri
Age49 years old.
Date of Birth1971.
Place of BirthNorth Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
ProfessionCelebrity Chef, Television Personality, Humanitarian
Net worthUnder review.
PartnerGuy Fieri
Zodiac SignN/​A

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