Honours 1st Year Result

Honours 1st Year Result 2022 Marksheet National University

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Honours 1st Year Result 2022

The National University Honours 1st year result were published in January 2022. The results of the final examination of the first year of 2017 of the National University have been published. You can check the results on NU’s official results page. First year results surpass National University First year excellence, Honours 1st year achievement results

National University 1st year Result

Did you find the Honours 1st Year result 2022? Then you are in the right place. Here we are presenting the results of 2022 National University Honours First Year Result. NU students often ask many questions about Honours results.

But many students do not know when the results of the first Year Result 2022 will be published. Also, how to test the results of the first year of honey? Further Receipt Honours 1st Year Result Marksheet.

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Moreover, after the publication of Nu 1st Year Honours result, The Recrutiny / board Challege Application Process 2022.

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However, if you want to know all the answers to these questions, prepare the whole article before you get the results – the information you need. Under full details.

NU Honours 1st Year Exam

NU Honours 1st year result were from 01 December , 2019 to 04, February , 2022. But the NU first year result have not been published yet. This is in conflict with the National University Crush program.

This time the candidates of irregular batch of 2017-18-2014-15, 2015-16-2017-18 were present in the examination. The NU first year result of the National University will be released soon. Honours 1st year exam results will be announced on February, 2022 at 4PM.

www.nu.ac.bd result

However, the National University is one of the largest public university in Bangladesh. A large number of candidates study here. I am a student of the National University. When my Honours 1st Year Result was published, I failed in 2 subjects. Since then, I have improved two subjects the following year. Then I was worried about taking the Honours 2nd Year exam.

Because the English (compulsory) subject is very difficult to excel. By the way, I finally won. First of all, I want to say that the honours 1st Year exam ended 2 months ago. Excellent results are usually published within 3 months of completing the test. Thus, the NU 1st Year Result is published in February.

Honurs National University of Result Checking process

Honours 1st year result are available on our website. You have two processes to check the Honours First Year Result 2022. Results can be obtained via SMS or online. The results have been published on the official website of National University, Gazipur, Dhaka. You can get the results at https: //tech-dunia.com.

NU 1st year result marksheet

After checking Honours 1st Year Result, enter your roll number, registration number – year of examination. Then click Print the result. If you have any problems, please leave us a comment. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Honours First Year Result Check By Online


How to get NU first year result?

  • How to get NU Honours 1st year results from official site
  • Open the official results page of National University: http://www.nu.ac.bd/results/
  • Turn on the “Honors” tab and Click on the “1st Year” exam.
  • Enter your Exam. Roll:, Registration., Year of Exam, Solve Captcha & Search Results:
  • If all the information is correct, you can get your results.
  • Print the marksheet for the next purpose.

Check Honurs First Result Through SMS

Respect the results of the fourth first year through SMS. You can check the results through all SIM operators using SMS method. Below is the SMS method. It is very easy to get CGPA. You block a face server, a server error, a server problem, a connection problem, and so on.

Open your message option create a new SMS like
NU<space>H4<space> Roll number & send to 16222 number.

Example: NU H1 12345678

Grading System in National University

Lower Honours 1st Year Result Rating System. You can equate total CGPA with this grating system.

Class intervalLetter gradeGrade pointRemarks
80-100A+4.00First Class
75-79A3.75First Class
70-74A-3.50First Class
65-69B+3.25First Class
60-64B3.00First Class
55-59B-2.75Second Class
50-54C+2.50Second Class
45-49C2.25Second Class Upper
40-44D2.00Third Class

NU Honours 1st Year result Last Words

Incidentally, the students smiled after the results of the diploma were published. Because students want to express results. After all, they are happy with the results. On the other hand, many students are not happy with their Honours 1st Year Result marksheet.

Because they didn’t want a respectable Honours first year result. What to do if they do not understand. However, the National University provides opportunities for such students. They give him an easy way to solve this problem. They started the challenging version of the board.

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If the candidate is sure that he is giving good exam, he can challenge. In the process, they can improve their performance. Anyway, thanks for reading my article. If you have benefited from this post, please share it.

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