NID Card Download Bangladesh

NID Card Download Bangladesh

Today I will share new post do you need  NID card download Bangladesh? If yes, then you are in luck. We have got the latest information on this here. In this article, we will discuss all the relevant details related to the NID card download process along with the required documents and how to get them. We will also provide an overview of all available NID card download services so that you can decide which one is best for you. So whether you are new to Bangladesh or just looking for information on the subject, this article will surely help.

You need to apply for an NID card but don’t know where to start. Don’t look ahead. Our Online NID Card Download Bangladesh service provides you with all the information you need to apply for your card online. You can also get detailed information about nid card, its benefits and how to apply for it. Make sure to get your card before it’s too late!

How to NID Card Download Bangladesh?

According to the Election Commission of Bangladesh, voters can now check their NID card download Bangladesh in online format through the official website of the Election Commission. To download online copy of BD 2022 NID card you need to visit Bangladesh EC website and follow few simple steps. If you want to download online copy of NID card then visit the official website.

Online NID Card Download process 2022

New and old voters can now NID card download Bangladesh online. After few simple steps you can download NID card online with BD. Here’s how to download your NID card from start to finish. The download procedure was slightly modified by the Election Commission in 2022. Now you can download NID Check App from Google Play Store. 2022 BD Download NID Card is now available here.

Step 1: visit or on this site.

NID Card Download Bangladesh
NID Card Download Bangladesh

Step 2: on this site, you have been given two options.

  1. Register
  2. Apply Now

If you haven’t received an NID card yet, Apply Now will get one for you. Register to register if you already have one. N.B. How to register your NID card can be decided on this page.

Step 3: After completing the registration process, visit the website to get your duplicate NID card online.

Step 4: If you are an old voter, offer your NID circle and start date on this page.

Enter your smart card and start date. eg: day/month/year.

Step 5: Enter a simple calculation answer on the left side of this page.

Step 6: Next, login to your account. Select NID card reputation in your account. You can also get a copy of your NID card online using this option.

NID Card online Registration system 2022

Bangladesh Election Commission website now has a copy of NID card download bangladesh. Voters can go online with NID card in 2022 without downloading National Identity Card online.

NID Card Download Bangladesh
input NID or form number

Step 1 is the first step. For older voters, go to and enter your Voter slip or NID number (for voters born before 1985).

Step 2: Select Submit after inputting the security code.

Step 3: A new page appears after you click on Submit. You’ll need to supply certain vital information on this page.

NID Card Download Bangladesh
provide your information

Step 4: Next, input your division, Upazila, and district information.

Step 5: SMS OTP with phone number and input confirmation is sent to your phone.

verify your phone number

Step 6: Enter your password and click Update.

After completing the next step, the QR code will be displayed here. Voter needs to scan this QR code using NID Wallet app.

NID Card Download Bangladesh
NID Wallet App download and install

Step 7: Complete your NID card registration process by installing the NID Wallet app, launching it and verifying your photo before scanning the QR code.

NID Smart Card status check and Download

NID Smart Card Download BD 2022

Our authorities are currently in power. Smart NID card is issued through this company. In 2022, new voters will get a smart card. Authorities will gradually collect smart NID cards of all voters.

Additional smart card uploads are available on Election Commission NID card issuing website. Only new electorate who can load smart card are eligible. Smart card should be purchased from website.

Voter can also download Smart Card Online copy 2022 on this website. Visit

Smart Voter card service Bangladesh BD

Bangladesh EC Council has started providing internet services through NID. New or former voters who have lost their original NID card can download National ID Identity Card online through NID’s BD website.

Voters in Bangladesh can download a smart card through the NID official website in addition to their National ID Identity Card.

How to download a nid card?

If you have lost your original National Identification Document (NID) card and want to get a digital copy, visit the NID BD website. You can also apply for a smart card through NID’s online service.

How to download the NID card online copy BD?

If for some reason you want to download a copy of NID card, then visit the official website of Election Commission of Bangladesh, fill your information and download it there.

In conclusion

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