Online Train Ticket Booking Process Bangladesh Railway

Online Train Ticket Booking Process Bangladesh Railway –

Online Train Ticket Rules Booking Process Bangladesh Railway. Want to know the rules of online train ticketing? Would you like to know how to purchase online e-ticket for Bangladesh Railway?

Rail is the safest way to travel, there are no people in Bangladesh who do not want to travel by train. The fun of traveling by train is different. A few days ago, (Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV) got an agreement from the Online Train Ticket Rules Booking Process Bangladesh Railway Ministry of Railways to sell e-tickets.

The Ministry of Railways has announced that the online ticketing system “Shohoz” will continue to sell e-tickets from March 26, 2022. A five-year contract has been signed with “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV” to manage the Online Train Ticket Rules Booking Process Bangladesh Railway. Earlier CNS was involved in the project.

Online Train Ticket Booking Process Bangladesh Railway 2022

Since the “Shohoz” took over the responsibility, train tickets will now have to be cut online under the new rules, and the Ministry of Railways is launching a new website alongside the new rules. From now on, if you want to buy train tickets online, you have to book and purchase tickets through this website

You will be surprised to know that a total of 90,000 train tickets are issued daily, a total of 2.6 million tickets are issued using computers every month. About half of these tickets are issued online or through a mobile app.

If you want to buy online train tickets for Bangladesh Railway, you need to register at And create a profile for yourself. After creating a profile you will see the train schedule, after which you can select your chosen destination and book tickets for your travel purpose.

Below we have given the rules for online train ticketing for 2022.

Online train e-ticket cutting rules 2022 Bangladesh Railway

If you want, you can buy online tickets of Bangladesh Railway under the new rules from today. The new process is different from the previous CDN process. The new server was launched on Saturday, March 26, 2022, with a new website. New seat selection system, and the ability to view new integrated online train tickets. As a result, you can learn about new buying methods here. To make it easier for all train travel thirsty people in Bangladesh, we are trying to give you ideas on how to book e-tickets online for train seats.

So let’s take a look at the online train ticketing rules 2022.

                  First go to


After you complete your e-ticket payment, you will be notified via email within 30 minutes that your e-ticket payment has been completed. You will see your e-ticket on your railway account dashboard.

Is Today June 22, 2022 E-ticket Available For Train / Rail?

We know that BD train tickets are not available every day. Due to different train schedules, such as the Bonlota Express, it is closed on Fridays. So, if you want to check today, June 22, 2022, whether e-ticket of BD train is available.

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To do this, you need to specify the date, select your travel destination: your destination. Then you can see how many trains there are on that date. So, are you happy to know the availability of e-train tickets for today, June 22, 2022?

We hope we have covered all your inquiries regarding Online Train Ticket Rules Bangladesh Railway e-ticket purchase or booking process.

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