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Ron Still, former Portland police chief, dies at 90

Congratulations, Today I will share a new post of Ron Still. The eldest daughter of Portland Police Chief Ron Still announced Friday that she died of herbal complications at the age of 90. He became Portland’s police chief and a 1980 mayoral candidate in Lake Oswego. He became such a gifted person and got along with everyone behind the low crime rate in that area.

Ron Still, former Portland police chief, dies at 90

Ron Still, former Portland police chief now that he is dead, his circle of relatives may be heartbroken and they are almost weeping over his loss. Of course, we may cry extra if one of our whole circle of relatives dies. People in administrative positions have a different level of attitude because of patriotism, that’s why they are recognized.

The career of Former Portland Police Chief Ron still

He began his career as a patrolman in the Portland Police Bureau in 1954 and rose to the top of the bureau in 1981. This happened when Mayor Frank Evans succeeded Bruce Baker, who retired and was appointed in his place and at the time of the Bureau of Underwater Affairs. Trail Blazers issued buy-sell cards. And he also supported crime fighting together with Tansy.

When various individuals and officials said that it had already become unconstitutional, he clarified that it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Personal details of Police Chief Ron still

Ron Still in 1984, he reported inside the newspaper that the maximum number of people chasing different people on the streets and a big criminal case can be registered and many people are very worried about the elderly that they can enter the city.

Ron Still was born in Gresham in 1932 and spent 30 years with the Bureau, retiring as Chief of Police at the age of 52. Let us wish that our circle of kinship may remain strong.

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